Movetco Company for Veterinary Medicines and Agricultural Pesticides was established in 2014 At the hands of a class of experts aspiring to be one of the leading companies in the world of industry Veterinary medicine and agricultural pesticides

The Goals Of The Company

Meet the increasing demands for veterinary drugs is high Effectiveness and performance at the national, Arab and international levels

Availability of new products not manufactured by other local companies To cover the need for high quality veterinary medicines at the level The local product is affordable and highly effective

Providing the veterinary sector with unrivaled professional services and manufacturing products according to international good manufacturing standards registered in many countries.

Our Vision

To be one of the leaders in the research, development and manufacture of veterinary medicines and to become the expert the main A premier and trusted provider of high quality products and professional care services With livestock and agricultural resources, continuous innovation, hard work, research and development, and upgrading of competencies And application The highest specifications, achieving the best product quality, and ensuring a better and healthier world for all kinds of animals

Our Mission

Developing, producing and marketing a range of products that improve and protect health Of animals with adherence to the highest standards in terms of safety, quality and efficacy, and we believe we are While protecting the health of animals, we protect our health and our future. Each customer faces different daily challenges In ensuring the health and well-being of the animals in his care and by working closely with our distributors We strive to be able to provide them with customized solutions, from one country to another, and farm by farm

Our Value


Our heritage is built on uncompromising quality. And our customers depend We have to find a suitable solution for them. That's why we share With reputable distributors all over the world, they partner with us Our values and learning from customer and partner experiences


We are always striving to provide high quality Manufactured with the latest technology and to the highest specifications By using the best raw materials.


The most useful drugs are the most effective and safe drugs In addition to our concern for the effectiveness of our products on We are very focused on being safe And harmless in the long run. Our job is to protect wealth Animal and agricultural ones


Our markets depend on the efficacy of our products to protect The health of their livestock and agricultural wealth. So we do To devote all effort and time to developing and manufacturing products It is characterized by the highest standards of quality, safety and maximum Effectiveness scores

Our Products

Veterinary drugs

Because of our belief that livestock is one of the most important wealth, we have produced a wide and distinctive range of veterinary medicines that have proven successful in all field tests.

Agricultural pesticides

Because we know the importance of agricultural wealth, we have been keen to develop a wide range of the best and most advanced pesticides to contribute to protecting this wealth.

Feed additives

The most useful drugs are the most effective and safe drugs In addition to our concern for the effectiveness of our products

Public health pesticides

The most useful drugs are the most effective and safe drugs In addition to our concern for the effectiveness of our products

Pet Shampoo


Bee Products

Bee Products

Pets Products

Pets Products

Technical Departments

research and development

We need to invest heavily in research today if we want to see scientific progress tomorrow ...

Quality assurance

Ensure that products meet all international quality standards, and the department's activities cover all stages of manufacturing ...